6 Things I've Learnt This Year With Projekt Glitter


In the past year, Projekt Glitter has shipped to 28 countries, sold over 6000 tubes of glitter & have made the switch to a fully biodegradable glitter company! That’s pretty cool. 

As the founder of Projekt Glitter, I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few things I've learnt along the way:

1. Challenge the norm

Glitter was nothing new when I came up with the idea 2 years ago, but putting my own spin on it was what set us apart, and continues to do so even with so many new glitter companies popping up.

2. Don’t be shy. Ask for advice 

People are amazing, really. It’s incredible how much knowledge there is around, and I’ve been overwhelmed by how willing people have been to share their expertise. Whenever I got stuck it turns out all I had to do was ask.

3. The power of passion and perseverance

Anyone can come up with a good idea. Trust me, I’ve had dozens of them (not all necessarily good)! Projekt Glitter was one of these ideas. The biggest challenge has been staying self-motivated, because no one else is pushing you, to rise above the setbacks, and to learn to trust my instinct. 

It still has its challenges, I am learning, growing and make mistakes all the time, but that’s all part of the process! I’m not saying that coming up with an idea is easy, but to work on something you truly love is so important because passion and determination are what drives that idea forward. 

4. my team is everything 

This past year I brought on 3 amazing girls to help me and without them I would not have been able to achieve half of what we’ve managed, so thank you! 

5. Don’t be afraid to dream big 

I’ve learnt not to be shy, but to be proud and to boast about Projekt Glitter and our products, even to the big guys. We may be small but I think we have a great thing going on.

6. It’s all about having fun

Don't take things so seriously. While I’m incredibly lucky to be working with such a fun product, there’s nothing like a good tune, a smile, and a little dance to stay inspired. Afterall, what good is all of this if you aren't enjoying it?


I still find it hard to believe when strangers come up to tell me how much they love our products. Turning strangers into friends, creating connections and sharing experiences through glitter has been the biggest success of Projekt Glitter. Everything else has been a bonus.

To celebrate 2017, I wanted to give something back to you by giving away FREE face gems with all orders over €20 from now until the end of January. Simply use the code GEMS during checkout when you shop in our store.

Happy holidays everyone! 

Love and sparkles, 

Jeen x