What is your hidden gem?

Projekt Glitter is on a mission to unearth all our hidden gems and help us sparkle sustainably with plant-based glitter.

 Helping people realise and uncover their hidden gem is important to us, because this is when we feel the most alive - it’s our gift to share with the world. And here at Projekt Glitter we are all about sharing your magic!

We interviewed three people to find out what their hidden gem is. Watch the videos below to hear their stories.

 For lawyer, Zazie, her hidden gem is her ability to channel her authentic, imperfect self. In this video we see how Zazie learns to let go of her expectation of perfection with a show she is part of that entertains and connects.

 In our second gem feature, photographer David, reveals how leaving home and its comforts, helped him unearth a hidden passion that serves a bigger purpose. His magic is bringing people together through unique shared experiences and having a whole lot of fun!

 Our third and final feature is performer Kotoe tells that she feels the most vulnerable and alive when she is on stage. And that’s in this way that she can show the real herself to people, she can be honest. 


And now your turn!

Tell us what is the most magical quality of a friend who is the shining gem in your life and why to stand a chance to win a glitter gift set for you and your friend!

Share your story by writing in the comments of this Instagram post and don’t forget to tag your friend! 

Winner will be announced on 1st October.

Romane-Lou Porte