biodegradable glitter

To the Conscious Ravers

This one's for you.

Projekt Glitter is ecstatic to announce the launch of our new PURE glitter collection! This new range of glitters is 100% biodegradable and produced from cosmetically approved ingredients, meaning it’s environmentally friendly while still providing the same gorgeous aesthetic you love about Projekt Glitter!

We’ve always said that at Projekt Glitter, we aim to make the world a sillier, sparklier place. While our principles are rooted in making memories and friends, we believe there’s room within this spectrum to make an impactful difference as well. Afterall, what’s better than having fun while leading a generation of other free spirits by example?

Our Projekt Glitter customers go through life with open minds, open hearts, and the best intentions. Our PURE collection is derived from sustainable and environmentally sourced raw materials, not genetically modified ones, so it’s kinder to our planet. We felt this would be a natural addition to our glitter family, and we hope you enjoy.

With Sparkly Affection,

Projekt Glitter