What makes the glitter biodegradable?

All our glitter are made from natural plant-based film (cellulose). 

Traditional glitter is made up of microplastics that cannot be recycled, and its tiny composition make utilizing it for upcycling out of the question. Essentially, once glitter is disposed of, it lingers on the Earth we call home, and can lead to devastating consequences to the environment and natural life - ours don't! :) 


What are the ingredients of biodegradable glitter?

Ingredients: Cellulose, Glycerin, Aqua, Urea, and Styrene/Acrylate copolymer (trace). Pigments (<3%) 


Our glitter commitment to you:

  • Marine and wastewater biodegradable
  • Vegan friendly, cruelty-free
  • Cosmetic quality
  • Made from renewable raw materials
  • Softer than plastic glitter so it feels better on your skin


Is it safe for the ocean?

Yes, our glitter biodegrades in sea water and can be anaerobically digested, meaning it can be broken down by our fish friends too! 

If biodegradable glitter is accidently ingested by marine life, it is metabolized naturally, unlike traditional glitter, which remains in the animal and accumulates up the food chain.

In short, biodegradable glitter poses no threat to the ocean or the life within it - smooth sailing! 


How long does it take to biodegrade?

The time it takes for our glitter to breakdown varies greatly, depending on the size of the glitter particles and environment it is in. 

In general, biodegradation requires four things: heat, water, oxygen and microorganisms. These elements are naturally found in soil, compost, and water environments. Exactly how long the breakdown process is varies depending on these conditions. In the right environment it usually takes 2-3 months to degrade.


WHERE IS the glitter MADE?

The biodegradable glitter is made right here in Germany then lovingly mixed and packed in Berlin - we try to keep things as local as possible!



We find Vaseline / hair gel does the trick! Simply put a spot of either on your skin, and dab the glitter on with an eye makeup brush or (when out in the fields) your finger tips. Alternatively, try our glitter gels! Our glitter gels don't require any adhesive and sticks all on its own.



Makeup wipes, or soap and warm water will do the trick.


What is your shipping policy?

  • FREE international delivery on orders over €25 when use the code: PGPOST. Otherwise it is a flat fee of €3 within Germany, or €5 for international delivery . 
  • WITHIN GERMANY & EUROPE: Allow 5 -7 business days for orders to arrive. 
  • OUTSIDE OF EUROPE: Allow 20 - 25 business days for orders to arrive. 


WHERE else can i get projekt glitter?

We are stocked in all the places listed on this page. If we are not in your city, let us know of a shop you think might be suitable!


How Can i stock or sell your glitter?

Drop us an email at sparkle@projektglitter.com - we'd love to hear from you!