Welcome to the glitter-licious FAQs page of Projekt Glitter, your go-to destination for all things sparkly and eco-friendly! We know you may have some questions about our biodegradable glitter, so we've put together this FAQ page to give you all the answers you need.

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What is biodegradable glitter made from?

Projekt Glitter’s biodegradable glitter is made using a process called "film extrusion". This involves breaking down natural materials like pulp and cellulose, into tiny particles, then blending them with pigments to create the desired color. These particles are then passed through a machine that shapes and cuts them into tiny, sparkly flakes, similar to traditional plastic glitter.

We currently offer a glitter which includes three different sizes of glitter of ultra chunky, medium & fine glitter.

How does the glitter biodegrade?

Biodegradable glitter breaks down through biodegradation, a process where microorganisms consume the natural materials it's made from (like cellulose, eucalyptus or wood pulp) and break it down into natural compounds like CO2, water, and biomass. The process typically happens when the glitter comes into contact with microbes in soil, water, or air, takes faster than plastic glitter which can take hundreds of years to break down.

How long does it take for bio glitter to dissappear?

The process of degration can take a few weeks to several months depending on the conditions and the size of the glitter.

Is bio glitter safe for the ocean?

Yes, our glitter biodegrades in sea water and can be anaerobically digested, meaning it can be broken down by our fish friends too!

If biodegradable glitter is accidently ingested by marine life, it is metabolized naturally, unlike traditional glitter, which remains in the animal and accumulates up the food chain.

In short, biodegradable glitter poses no threat to the ocean or the life within it - smooth sailing!

Read more about bio glitter here

Can I eat eco glitter?

Although non-toxic and non-harmful bio glitter is NOT a foodstuff and therefore not intended for consumption.

Toilet paper is biodegradable too - you wouldn't eat that would you?

Where is your eco glitter made?

The biodegradable glitter is made right here in Germany then lovingly mixed and packed in Berlin - we try to keep things as local as possible!

What is the best way to apply the glitter?

Our natural glitter glue is by far the best product we have come across for helping glitter hold all night, is gentle on your skin and easy to remove. Simply brush the glitter glue on your skin, and dab the glitter on with an eye makeup brush or (when out in the fields) your fingertips. Alternatively, try our glitter gels! Our glitter gels don't require any adhesive and sticks all on its own.

How do I remove the glitter?

You can simply use some warm water and a face towel to help remove the particles.

Can I use eco glitter in wax melts & candles?

Using standard glitter is a no-go, as burning plastic produces toxic, harmful smoke which will just create hurt you and add to pollution. We recommend using our PURE glitter for wax melts and candles since it is 100% plastic free and burns like paper.

A word of caution: Putting any foreign material in some wax candles can cause them to spit when the foreign material burns. As you would expect we do not take any responsibility for the use of bio glitter in candles, it’s the responsibility of the candle maker to do all appropriate testing.

Read more about bio glitter and candle making here.

Can I use Projekt Glitter in bath products & soaps?

For bath products and soaps we would recommend using glitter from the PURE collection as they are certified plastic free, and much better for our waterways when products are washed off.

We would always recommend checking the rules and regulations on cosmetic ingredients which apply to you in your country and they can vary. All our glitter is FDA approved, the world standard for safe cosmetic production.

Where can I buy Projekt Glitter?

We are stocked in all the places listed on this page. If we are not in your city, let us know of a shop you think might be suitable!

Can I order your glitter wholesale?

We sell custom biodegradable glitter mixes in bulk without any branding at €200 per kg. Order glitter wholesale through our partner platform Faire or drop us an email for custom orders at sparkle@projekglitter.com.

How can I stock Projekt Glitter?

You can shop our full range of glitter wholesale through our partner platform Faire