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Projekt Glitter

The World Is Your Oyster: Eco Glitter Kit

The World Is Your Oyster: Eco Glitter Kit

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Sets to make you sparkle sustainably

A curated collection of some of our favourite eco sparkle blends from the Projekt Glitter Pure Collection.

The Pure Glitter collection is our new 100% plastic-free & 100% aluminium-free bio-glitter range. It’s certified to biodegrade in water, and disappears off the planet faster than any other glitter. So you can glitter without the guilt!

What's included:

  • 3 x Glitter blends from the PURE collection
  • 1 x All-natural aloe-vera glitter glue
  • 1 x Glitter brush
  • Cotton drawstring pouch to keep everything in
   Certified biodegradable in water
   100 % Plastic-Free
   Biodegrades in 4 weeks


    Cellulose (V), Glycerin plant derived (V), Aqua (MI), Urea (MS), Shellac* (A), Mica / Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (MI), Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide (MI), Iron Oxide (M), Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide (MS)

    KEY: V: Vegetable, MI: Mineral, MS: Mineral Synthetic, A: Animal

    *Note: The glitter from our Pure range is not vegan. It uses shellac which is a secreted resin left behind by insects. This process is a natural process and causes no harm, distress or interruptions to the life cycle of these insects. However, what it does mean is that the PURE Glitter, is not a fully vegan glitter.


    Our environmentally friendly glitter is made from natural compostable plant-based materials. It is EU certified biodegradable and will compost naturally in soil and seawater in the presence of bacteria - don't worry it won't biodegrade in the packet!

    Read more about our eco-glitter here


    Our bio glitter comes sustainably packaged in glass test tubes that are safely secured with aluminium screw caps, thus ensuring that all components are 100% recyclable.

    We pay special attention to all the little details, from individual products to the postage parcels, always choosing the most eco-friendly way to have your sparkles delivered to you.

    How To Use

    Simply apply a small amount of our plant-based glitter glue to the area you would like to glitter and use a small brush/fingers to dab the glitter on top. Allow 5 to 10 seconds for the gel & eco glitter to dry & set.

    How To Remove:

    Simply use some warm water and a face towel to wipe off the bio glitter - it's as easy as that!


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    • I’m plant-based

      I’m made from plant cellulose, replacing the plastic core of traditional glitter.

    • I’m compostable

      As I’m plant-based, I naturally break down in regular compost, your garden, or the ocean within 6 months.

    • I’m gentle

      None of the nasty chemicals you get in regular glitter. I’m gentle on your skin & can be removed easily.

    • I’m ocean-safe

      I break down within 6 months. That means I don’t enter the food-chain to harm you or precious fish-friends!