5 Tips When You Use Face Glitter At A Festival

Here are 5 Tips when you use face glitter at a festival

Are you looking to get all glittered up at your next festival? Maybe you and the girls want to have matching looks? At Projekt Glitter we give you glitter without the guilt, and you can create amazing looks with our beautiful and affordable glitter.

When you want to create a festival look with our glitter, here are a few tips to ensure it lasts the day and night:

  1. Before applying the face glitter, always start by applying a face primer to make sure the glitter stays in place
  2. To make sure the glitter sticks to the skin, apply a small bit of hair gel or Vaseline or use our handy aloe vera glitter glue
  3. Use a makeup brush or sponge to apply the glitter instead of using your fingers. That way the look will be neat and tidy rather than messy or sloppy
  4. Glitter can irritate our eyes, so make sure to steer clear of getting too close. If the worst does happen, stay calm and rinse thoroughly with water
  5. Use a gentle face wash or makeup remover to gently remove the glitter. Using strong scrubs or touching your skin too hard might irritate it and cause it to become red or irritated.

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