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The EU has finally said "no" to microplastics

Which is great news for us, because that means Projekt Glitter’s biodegradable glitter, is the only stuff you should be using!
So join our conscious glitter lovers' club and shine bright while doing right.

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    Easy to remove

    Our Glitter washes off easily with water, without causing harm to the environment.

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    Skin-friendly formula

    Free from harmful chemicals, our glitter will not cause skin irritation or sensitivity

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    Eco packaging

    All our products are packaged in reusable or recyclable material, including compostable stickers.

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    Long-lasting wear

    Our glitter stays put for hours without flaking or falling off. (We've road tested it ourselves!)


What is biodegradable glitter made from?

Biodegradable glitter is produced using a film made of cellulose from eucalyptus trees that decomposes naturally. The glitter is colored using plant-based dyes and gains its shiny appearance from a thin layer of aluminum.

Although aluminum is not biodegradable, biodegradable glitter only contains a small amount of it, less than 0.1%. The aluminum layer is used merely as a coating to give the glitter its reflective qualities, while the biodegradable film is what decomposes over time.

How long does it take for bio glitter to breakdown?

Biodegradable glitter typically takes anywhere from several weeks to six months to break down, depending on the environmental conditions such as temperature, moisture, and oxygen availability.

Is bio glitter safe for the ocean?

Yes, our glitter biodegrades in sea water and can be anaerobically digested, meaning it can be broken down by our fish friends too!

If biodegradable glitter is accidently ingested by marine life, it is metabolized naturally, unlike traditional glitter, which remains in the animal and accumulates up the food chain.

In short, biodegradable glitter poses no threat to the ocean or the life within it - smooth sailing!

Read more about bio glitter here

Can I eat bio glitter?

Although biodegradable glitter is made from non-toxic materials and can decompose naturally, we do not recommend consuming it.

Biodegradable glitter is intended for use on the skin, hair, or other surfaces, and not for ingestion. Just like toilet paper, which is also biodegradable, it is not intended for consumption.

Where does your bio glitter come from?

The biodegradable glitter is made right here in Germany then lovingly mixed and packed in Berlin - we try to keep things as local as possible!

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