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Glitter without the guilt.

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Glitter made from plants, not plastic

We’re on the mission of spreading sparkles & happiness by offering eco-friendly glitter that doesn’t harm the planet or you. So you can glitter without the guilt.

Join us in the glitter revolution, choose to sparkle sustainably with biodegradable glitter!

Check out the full range of our bio-glitter here.

  • I'm plant-based

    I’m made from plant cellulose, replacing the plastic core of traditional glitter

  • I’m compostable

    As I’m plant-based, I naturally break down in regular compost, your garden, or the ocean within 6 months.

  • I’m gentle

    I’m gentle on your skin & can be removed easily with water. No nasty chemicals here.

  • I’m ocean-safe

    I breakdown within 6 months. That means I don’t enter the food-chain to harm you or precious fish-friends!

Jeen - Founder

The Glitter Revolution

As complete glitter and festival fanatics we could not bear the idea of nasty microplastics ending up in the beautiful nature; homes to our beloved festivals.

The beauty industry & the festival industry have both polluted the world for long enough, it’s time for a better alternative.

We want a future where everyone can enjoy wearing glitter without the guilt.

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