Order Eco Glitter Wholesale

Looking to add some eco-friendly sparkle to your store? Look no further than Projekt Glitter! We offer wholesale options for our biodegradable glitter products, perfect for any business looking to add a little shine to their offerings.

Our glitter is made from plant-based materials and better for the environment than traditional glitter. So whether you're a festival organizer, party planner, or own a store that sells gifts or eco-friendly products, stock up on Projekt Glitter and let your customers shine!

European & US retailers

Custom order

Looking for a custom bio glitter blend for your event? We offer custom blends in our unique 100% recyclable packaging with our Projekt Glitter branding or white labelled.

Want a large volume of glitter for a show or photoshoot? Bulk buy custom biodegradable glitter blends at €325 per kg.

Get in touch by clicking below and let us know what you’re looking for.

Asia based retailers