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Eco-Friendly Body Glitter for a Fabulous and Sustainable Festival Season

The festival season has arrived, and with it comes the need to stand out from the crowd and express ourselves. Body glitter has always been a favourite festival accessory, but with increased awareness of our environmental impact, it's time to consider the consequences of our dazzling choices. 

Eco-friendly body glitter is an ethical and sustainable solution that allows you to shine while not harming the environment. Most conventional body glitters contain microplastics, which are harmful to our ecosystem. When washed away, these microscopic plastic particles enter our waterways, endangering marine life and eventually entering the food chain.

Eco-friendly body glitters, on the other hand, provide a guilt-free option to indulge in some sparkling self-expression. These environmentally friendly alternatives are constructed from biodegradable materials like plant-based cellulose or mica, which degrade naturally in the environment. 

You can still shine brightly at your favourite festivals while protecting the environment by using eco-friendly body glitter

At Projekt Glitter you can be festival-ready with our eco-friendly glitter! Available in a whole host of gorgeous colours, you can complete your look with our chunky glitter or fine glitter and you’ll find our glitter glue to be a must-have for easy application. We also have our popular glitter gels which are made from plant-based glitter and gel and are mixed and ready to go with no glue required.

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