Gold Eco Glitter

Shine bright like a festival star with our gold eco glitter!

With the headliners announced for Glastonbury, are you the proud owner of a ticket? Do you want to make it to all the hottest festivals in 2023? Maybe you’re sticking to local festivals and want to create your very own glitter look? 

Gold eco glitter is the perfect addition to any festival look, bringing a touch of glitz while also being environmentally friendly

Gone are the days when glitter was created from microplastics that were harmful to the environment. Our gold eco glitter is manufactured from biodegradable elements that degrade naturally, making it a much more environmentally friendly solution.

So, how can you incorporate gold eco glitter into your festival look? Here are some fun and creative ideas to get you festival ready:

Glittery body art: Get creative with your body art and use gold eco glitter to add some sparkle to your arms, legs or décolletage. Have fun with it and mix and match different shapes and sizes for a unique and eye-catching look.

Glittery eye makeup: You can add some gorgeous sparkle to your eyes by using gold eco glitter on your lids or under your brows. You can also get more creative and mix it with some shimmery eyeshadow for a truly magical look.

Glittery hair: Give your hair a glittery makeover by using gold eco glitter on your roots, tips or braids - the possibilities are endless!

So, whether you want to add some sparkle to your festival outfit or just try something new, gold eco glitter is the perfect choice. Not only will you look great, but you'll also be helping the earth!

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