What Are The Benefits Of Biodegradable Face Glitter?

What are the benefits of biodegradable face glitter?

Many of us love to add a touch of glitter to finish off the look, but did you know that many glitter products are incredibly harmful to the environment? Non-biodegradable glitters contain microplastics which end up in our oceans and severely harms sea creatures, as well as us humans. By using components that do degrade and don't last forever, biodegradable glitter solves the issue and gives us something we can use without worrying about the after-effects. 

At Projekt Glitter we give you glitter without the guilt

As well as being 100% plant based, our glitter is cruelty-free, 100% cosmetic grade and 100% biodegradable. On our online shop you can find lots of gorgeous glitter to choose from whether you’re looking for a certain colour, glitter gels, eco glitter sets, glitter glue or our face gems.  

You can also hire us to make your next event extra sparkly! Our Projekt Glitter Bar is a customisable event service that can be added to any event to bring that extra unique sparkle.

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