BFM Open For Business: Sparkle Sustainably - Projekt Glitter

BFM Open For Business: Sparkle Sustainably

Three years ago, on a trip back home to Malaysia, I had the incredible opportunity to be a guest on BFM, the leading Business Radio Station in Malaysia. This was my first feature in my home country, and it took me years to gather the courage to actually listen to myself speak. At the time, friends from back home, messaged me expressing their surprise and congratulations, yet still I cringed at the thought.

Having gotten over my fear of listening to my own voice, I now warmly invite you to listen to this podcast where I talk about Projekt Glitter, a sustainable alternative to traditional glitter that I, as a Malaysian entrepreneur, am revolutionizing the glitter industry in Europe with. We discuss the challenges involved in creating, distributing, and marketing an eco-friendly product, and how our startup is leading the movement towards a future where everyone can enjoy glitter guilt-free.

Produced by Audrey Raj and presented by Audrey Raj.

Aired: 05-Feb-20 10:00

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