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Can you put glitter in candles?

It’s that time of the year again, where we’ll all start to light up more & more candles around the house, warming up our homes with the soft flickers of candles as the outside world gets darker & darker!

Autumn leads the way into chilly winter, which only means holiday season isn’t far behind!

But apart from that, if you live in a city like ours where winters can be long and gray, that slight flicker of candles can really make your day warmer and your home feel all that much cozier.

Also if you’re like us, winter is really the time you pick up those new hobbies, you start doing some new crafty activities at home. We always end up doing some fun crafts at home, one of them being making candles!

And this is precisely why we thought maybe you might wonder, is it safe to use glitter in candles?

Is it safe to put glitter in candles?

Adding that extra touch of glitter to your candles may seem like a tempting idea but one must proceed with caution!

Adding glitter to candles can be dangerous if you use the wrong kind of glitter - especially standard glitter from the market.

But why can’t you use traditional glitter in candles & wax melts?

Standard glitter is made out of nasty, polluting plastic. As you know, plastic is terrible for the environment, because it lingers around for hundreds of years, clogging up the planet.

But not just that, have you ever burnt plastic? You know what it smells like? You know the smoke it gives off? Yeah, exactly.

So apart from being harmful for the environment, for animals, for oceanic life & for humans just by its very nature, burning plastic is very dangerous for our health. It gives off toxic fumes which when inhaled can be very harmful.

Adding this traditional glitter to your candles will cause the plastic to burn & release nasty fumes that will ruin the air of your home. Apart from being toxic to inhale, it can crackle & spit small sparks, leading to possible hazards.

But it is still safe to put glitter in candles - but only bio glitter! Read on to find out why it is safe to use bio glitter in candles!

But what is bio glitter made of?

Bio glitter is eco-friendly glitter, which is made from a unique Modified Regenerated Cellulose. The film is made from the fibers of Eucalyptus trees, which are sourced from responsibly managed plantations.

Once in the natural environment tiny microbes will consume the biodegradable content over a period of weeks and months, preventing any harm to Mother Earth.

Therefore we can say that bio glitter is made out of plants!

So if you’re wondering, is it safe to put glitter in candles? The answer is YES, provided the glitter used is biodegradable, natural & plastic free. Our glitter is composed of natural polymers, with a core made from a thin film of plant cellulose. 🎋

In the absence of toxic chemicals and nasty plastic, our bio glitter when burnt, turns into ashes instead of melting and polluting like standard glitter. The candles sparkling due to eco glitter do not give off toxic smoke, just simply burn like paper instead. Bio glitter is non flammable, which is why it is fully safe to be used in

Can you add glitter to wax melts?

Can you add glitter to wax melts?

The answer is yes, but only as long as it biodegradable glitter.

You can add bio glitter to wax melts as it is non inflammable. While you’re melting your wax, just sprinkle a pinch of bio glitter and at the bottom of the candle moulds. This way the glitter will directly stick to the outside of the wax melt when you pour the hot melted wax in.

You can also add dyes & fragrance to your wax melts, it’s all up to you to make them the way you like!

Once you have the right colored wax for your candle, you can use a slightly warm pouring jug to put it into the mould. This way it won’t cool and stick inside the jug, rather freezing up in the moulds as you’d like.

Whilst the wax is cooling, sprinkle in another layer of our bio glitter to the moulds, adding a top layer of sparkle.

We recommend waiting up to 24 hours for the wax melts to really set in and solidify, After which, you can pop these out and place them on your burner.

As these burn away, you’ll experience the magic of bio glitter lighting up your wax burner, as the delicious scent you chose pervades through the room.

But how can you use bio glitter for candles?

Glitter for candles

If you prefer candles over wax burners, then yes you can also use bio glitter in candles directly.

If you’d like a tutorial on how to make glitter candles using bio glitter, we’ve got a full step-by-step guide right over here.

It’s simple, it’s easy & it’s completely safe & harmless!

Have you ever made glitter candles?

Ever tried it yourself?

Especially in the winter months, you might find yourself looking out for cozy activities to warm up your home with your flatmates & friends. Shop our glitter and begin your glitter candle journey now!

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