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Glitter, Girls & Innovation this Women's Day

As International Women's Day approaches, we at Projekt Glitter are excited to be participating in the Women's Day march in Babelpark, Berlin, Mitte on Wednesday, 8 March. This year's theme is DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality, which focuses on the intersection of technology and gender equality, and how we can use innovation to promote gender equality.

As a company that values self-expression and individuality, we believe that everyone should have the freedom to express themselves and feel confident in their own skin. That's why we're proud to be marching alongside other women and allies, to call attention to the importance of gender equality and the ongoing struggle for women's rights.

At the march, we'll be sharing our biodegradable glitter with You. But our participation in the march is about more than just cosmetics and sustainability. It's about standing in solidarity with all women, regardless of their backgrounds, experiences, or identities. It's about amplifying our voices and demanding equal rights and opportunities for all.

And we're not just marching alone! We are proud to be marching alongside our friends from Missoir, the company revolutionising female urinals. Missoir have also been at the forefront of innovation, creating a product that empowers women and challenges gender norms. Their revolutionary female urinals provide a practical solution to a long-standing issue, giving women the freedom to go wherever and whenever they need to.

Together, we hope to inspire others to embrace the power of innovation and technology to promote gender equality. By working together and supporting one another, we can create a world where everyone is free to be themselves and to reach their full potential.

So, let's march on, with glitter on our faces and hope in our hearts. Let's use the power of innovation and technology to drive change and promote gender equality. Because when we stand together, anything is possible. #ChooseToChallenge gender bias and inequality, and let's create a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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