Cosmetic Grade Glitter

How Cosmetic Grade Glitter is Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

It's time to sparkle and shine like never before because a fabulous revolution is underway in the beauty world. Say hello to cosmetic grade glitter, the game-changer that is turning heads and making the beauty industry more dazzling and sustainable than ever before. And guess what? At Projekt Glitter, we've got an array of glittery options that will make your heart skip a beat!

We all know that glitters have always been the go-to for adding that extra pizzazz to our makeup looks and creative projects. But did you know that traditional glitters could be harmful to the environment? The tiny particles used in conventional glitters are often made of microplastics that don't break down and end up polluting our precious oceans and ecosystems. 

But hold on tight, because cosmetic grade glitter is here to save the day and the planet! These fabulous glitters are made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, ensuring that your sparkle doesn't come at the cost of our beautiful Earth. So, go ahead and shimmer guilt-free, because with cosmetic grade glitter, you're not just shining bright; you're making a positive impact on the environment too!

At Projekt Glitter, we are proud pioneers in the eco-chic glitter revolution

Our range of options is as vast and dazzling as a galaxy of stars. From mesmerizing holographics that will transport you to another dimension, to bold metallics that will make you feel like a futuristic fashionista, we've got something for every glitter lover out there!

Are you a festival-goer? Get ready to stand out in the crowd with our vibrant and eye-catching glitters that will turn you into the ultimate dancing diva. Want to add a touch of magic to your everyday makeup? Our subtle and elegant glitters will elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary in no time!

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re certain we have it in stock and are ready and waiting for you!
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