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Chunky Copper Eco Glitter

Chunky Copper Eco Glitter

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Fun, vibrant & sustainable sparkles

Get ready to sparkle and shine with our Chunky Copper Eco Glitter! This glitter is made from biodegradable cellulose film and safe for marine life. It's perfect for adding some extra sparkle to your makeup look, whether it's for a party, a festival, or just for everyday wear.

The chunky copper color will give you a unique and elegant look, perfect for standing out from the crowd and adding a touch of glamour to your makeup. The glitter is long-lasting and suitable for all skin types, and it's easy to apply with our specially formulated glitter glue.

This Chunky Copper Eco Glitter is perfect for anyone who wants to add some sparkle to their life in a sustainable way. Plus, it's a great option for those who want to reduce their plastic consumption and make a difference in the environment while still looking fabulous.

So, go ahead and add some copper sparkle to your makeup routine with our eco-friendly glitter. It's a fun and sustainable way to add some extra sparkle to your look!

Who says you can't love glitter and be good to the environment at the same time?

The original super sparkly eco glitter for face, body and hair.

 Super sparkly cosmetic bio glitter
  Vegan & Cruelty-Free
   Biodegrades in 6 months


Rayon (Regenerated Cellulose), Glycerin, Water, Urea, Styrene, Pigments: [Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Red 7 Lake, Black 2, Titanium Dioxide, Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide], Aluminium


Our environmentally friendly glitter is made from natural compostable plant-based materials. It is EU certified biodegradable and will compost naturally in soil and seawater in the presence of bacteria - don't worry it won't biodegrade in the packet!

Read more about our eco-glitter here


All our products are packaged in eco-friendly packaging and we used recycled and recyclable materials. All glitter comes in a glass test tube with an aluminium screw cap ensuring that all components are 100% recyclable.

How to use

Simply apply a small amount of our plant-based glitter glue to the area you would like to glitter and use a small brush/fingers to dab the glitter on top. Allow 5 to 10 seconds for the gel & eco glitter to dry & set.

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  • I’m plant-based

    I’m made from plant cellulose, replacing the plastic core of traditional glitter.

  • I’m compostable

    As I’m plant-based, I naturally break down in regular compost, your garden, or the ocean within 6 months.

  • I'm gentle

    None of the nasty chemicals you get in regular glitter. I’m gentle on your skin & can be removed easily.

  • I’m ocean-safe

    I break down within 6 months. That means I don’t enter the food-chain to harm you or precious fish-friends!