Eye Glitter

Sparkle and Shine: Rock Your Festival Look with Eco-Glitters from Projekt Glitter!

Festival season is here, and it's time to let your inner sparkle shine! If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to amp up your festival look, look no further than Projekt Glitter's Eye Glitter collection. Say goodbye to harmful microplastics and hello to stunning, guilt-free glitz! 

Ethical Glamour

With Projekt Glitter's Eye Glitter, you can achieve that mesmerizing festival glam without compromising your ethical values. Our eco-glitters are made from plant-based materials and are 100% biodegradable, ensuring you can sparkle guilt-free. So go ahead, unleash your inner glitter goddess and dance the night away, knowing you're doing your part for a greener planet.

Vibrant Colours and Styles

No festival look is complete without a splash of colour and creativity. We’re proud to offer a wide range of dazzling shades and styles to suit every taste and theme. Whether you're going for a mystical unicorn vibe or a bold and fierce warrior look, our Eye Glitter collection has got you covered. From vibrant blues and radiant pinks to holographic sparkles and chunky glitters, the possibilities are endless!

Easy Application

Don't let the fear of glitter application hold you back from unleashing your festival spirit. With our eye glitter, achieving that Instagram-worthy glittery eye look is a breeze. Our Eye Glitter comes with a specially formulated adhesive gel that ensures long-lasting hold without any irritation. Simply apply a thin layer of the gel, gently press the glitter onto your eyelids, and voila! You're ready to dazzle the crowd with your stunning eyes.

Versatile and Expressive

Projekt Glitter's Eye Glitter isn't limited to your eyelids alone. Let your creativity run wild and experiment with different ways to incorporate eco-glitter into your festival look. Use it to highlight your cheekbones, create unique body art, or even sprinkle it on your hair for an ethereal shimmer. The only limit is your imagination! 

Easy Removal

After the festival fun is over, the last thing you want is a glittery nightmare when it comes to removing your makeup. Fear not as our Eye Glitter is not only easy to apply but also a breeze to remove. Our eco-glitters dissolve in water, making clean-up a snap. Simply wash your face with your favourite cleanser, and the eco-glitter will safely melt away, leaving no trace behind.

So, get ready to be the festival sensation with Projekt Glitter's Eye Glitter collection. Our eco-friendly, biodegradable glitters will help you achieve a stunning, guilt-free festival look that will make heads turn and cameras flash. So let your inner sparkle shine, dance like nobody's watching, and spread the glittery love at your next festival adventure. Embrace the magic, embrace the eco-glitter revolution!
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