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Glittering Up for a Good Cause: River Clean Up with Projekt Glitter

Who says glitter is only for parties and festivals? At Projekt Glitter, we believe that our love for glitter can also contribute to positive change.

Join us as we share our experience of the recent river clean up event in Berlin, where volunteers and kayaks helped us remove around 1,000 liters of waste from Urbanhafen and Landwehr Canal. Discover the significance of river clean up initiatives and how they play a crucial role in preserving our environment.

The CleanUp Berlin Urbanhafen event was organized by The Clean River Project. Together, along with a group of enthusiastic volunteers, they paddled along Urbanhafen and Landwehr Canal, collecting various types of trash that were polluting the water and posing a threat to wildlife. Approximately 1,000 liters of waste were gathered and will be properly disposed of to prevent further damage to nature.

However, the CleanUp Berlin Urbanhafen event had a broader purpose beyond just cleaning up. It aimed to raise awareness about pollution and inspire responsible choices in daily life. Projekt Glitter played a vital role in supporting the volunteers by adding a touch of glamour with bio glitter. Our bio glitter is made from biodegradable plant cellulose, serving as an eco-friendly alternative to harmful microplastics. Through this collaboration, we emphasized the importance of avoiding products containing microplastics and choosing sustainable alternatives to minimize waste.

Why is bio glitter so significant? Traditional glitter, made from plastic particles, persists in the environment for hundreds of years. When it enters oceans and waterways, it poses a serious threat to marine life. By switching to bio glitter, we can help eliminate this problem and reduce our ecological footprint. With the support of brands like Projekt Glitter, making this eco-friendly switch has become simpler than ever before.

The CleanUp Berlin Urbanhafen event was a remarkable success, thanks to the dedication and hard work of all participants. By joining forces to clean up the local river and promote sustainable solutions, they demonstrated the power of community action and the importance of environmental stewardship. Projekt Glitter's bio glitter added an extra sparkle, showcasing how small changes can make a significant impact. Next time you plan a party or night out, consider opting for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional glitter. Join the movement of conscious individuals working towards a brighter, cleaner future for all.

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