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How is glitter made?

Oh, the enchanting world of glitter!

Have you ever wondered how those tiny sparkling particles come to life? Well, hold on tight as we take you on a thrilling adventure into the glitter-making realm.

Glitter begins as sheets of materials, such as metal foil, glass, or plastic. These sheets are then coated with a delicate layer of adhesive and a reflective material, such as aluminum and colored pigment, infusing them with their distinctive sparkle and shine. The sheets are often fashioned into various shapes, like stars, rectangles, circles, or hexagons, to create a mesmerizing array of glitter particles. The size of the particles can vary, from fine "micro" glitter for delicate radiance, to larger "chunky" or "jumbo" glitter for bold glamour.

But the magic doesn't end there! To ensure durability, the glitter particles are coated with a protective layer, such as a clear lacquer or a specialized adhesive, to guard against chipping or flaking during use. This ensures that the glitter retains its lustrous allure even after application to surfaces.

Glitter is renowned for its versatility, with a wide range of colors, finishes, and sizes available, making it a beloved material for crafts, cosmetics, fashion, and various creative endeavors. However, it's crucial to note that traditional glitter is typically made from plastic, which can contribute to environmental pollution. As a result, there is a growing demand for eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives to conventional glitter, reflecting a growing awareness of environmental concerns.

There's more to the story!

As we strive to make glitter more sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives have emerged. These innovative options are crafted with the environment in mind, utilizing biodegradable materials to replace the plastic parts.

Eco glitter, also known as biodegradable glitter, or bio glitter, is made using materials that are derived from renewable sources, such as plant-based cellulose or natural minerals. These materials are carefully processed and coated with biodegradable adhesives and reflective materials, to create glitter particles that shimmer and shine just like traditional glitter.

Similar to traditional glitter, eco glitter comes in a wide range of colors, finishes, and sizes, allowing you to unleash your creativity while being mindful of the environment. By choosing eco glitter, you can create dazzling crafts, cosmetics, and fashion statements without contributing to plastic pollution.

Join us in embracing eco-friendly glitter and let your creativity sparkle in harmony with nature. Experience the magic of glitter while taking a step towards a more sustainable future. Choose eco glitter and make a difference in protecting our planet's well-being. Shop our bio glitter sets here


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